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Complaints About Play Therapy United Kingdom

If you are unhappy with the conduct of Play Therapy UK please contact the Chair of the British Council for Therapeutic Interventions With Children via e-mail:, stating that you wish to complain about PTUK or a member of staff, with brief details and your own contact phone number. You will then be given an email or postal address for you to provide more details. If you call out of office hours please leave a message. We aim to respond within 48 hours. Also let us know if you have difficulties in submitting a complaint in writing and we will suggest some help for you.

Mark your message 'Highly Confidential and Urgent'.

The Chair will contact you, normally within 48 hours and ask you for details and the resolution that you are seeking.

The Chair will most probably recommend mediation in the first instance as the quickest and most effective way of resolving the issue. If this is not appropriate or turns out to be unsatisfactory for you, a formal complaints procedure will be started.

The first stage is a Pre-Hearing Assessment Panel conducted by the independent British Council for Therapeutic Interventions With Children (BCTIWC). The panel will have not less than three persons appointed by the Chair including a member of the public and a Play Therapist unconnected with your case. This panel will decide if there are valid grounds for a complaint hearing. They will take into account: If the complaint is rejected by the Panel you will be formally notified in writing. Although the decision of the panel is final you may appeal to the Professional Standards Authority about the conduct of Play Therapy UK.

If the complaint is accepted, the Chair of the British Council of Therapeutic Interventions With Children will initiate the second stage of the formal complaints procedure by appointing a Professional Conduct Panel of not less than five persons to examine the complaint in detail and decide whether the complaint is proved or not.

If your complaint reaches this stage, you may wish to consider other options and engage professional advisers – the cost for any such advice will not be met by the PTUK.

If the complaint is proved, the panel will decide whether or not any sanction should be imposed upon PTUK and if a report should be made to the Professional Standards Authority.

The decision of the Professional Conduct Panel, together with details of any sanction, will be published in PTUK's journal and on this web site in such detail as deemed appropriate to the findings and at the BCTIWC's discretion. Such decisions will be based on considerations of public interest and the severity of the findings.

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