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Play Therapy will be able to help most, not all, children with these issues.

PTUK’s research, based on over 8000 cases, shows that between 74% and 83% of children receiving play therapy from PTUK Registrants exhibit a positive change.

Check out the research details.



Do you know a child who?

*   Is not realising its full potential - academically, or socially?

*   Has difficulties in learning?

*   Has nightmares or has disturbed sleep?

*   Is at risk of being/is excluded from school?

*   Has suffered trauma?

*   Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse?

*   Is (or in the process of being) adopted or fostered?

*   Suffers because of separated/divorced parents?

*   Suffers from anxiety, stress or phobias?

*   Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind?

*   Finds it difficult to concentrate for more than short periods?

*   Is withdrawn or continually unhappy?

*   Is ill, has a disability or shows signs of being on the autistic spectrum?

*   Finds it difficult to make friends?

*   Quarrels frequently with peers or siblings?

*   Bullies others or is bullied themselves?

*   Displays inappropriate behaviour?

*   Doesn't play?

Play Therapy and therapeutic play is effective for children between the ages of 4 and 12 for the problems listed above but can also be used with Young Persons and adults.