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NameTitleCity & Post CodeReg. No.Contact Details
Helga Behan Accredited Play Therapist
Accredited Play Therapist
Castaheany, Ireland 20065150

Accredited Qualifications


Post Qualifying Courses

Services offered

I work with children with various difficulties, including autism,. difficult home situations, social issues, bereavement (suicide and parent death). I work with the parents to explore changes that can help at home, including different strageties . I am

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Fully compliant with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Clinical Supervision

Fully compliant with Clinical Supervision requirements.

Clinical Governance and Clinical Audit Requirements

Fully compliant with Clinical Governance and Clinical Audit requirements.

Research undertaken

None on record.

Record of complaints and their resolution

None on record.

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