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About the British Council for Therapeutic Interventions With Children

The BCTIWC is an independent organisation acting as a ‘watchdog’ responsible for auditing and scrutinizing PTUK in the public interest.

The Council has been established to protect the public’s interest in the use of play, creative arts and related therapies when used with children, specifically when delivered by Registrants who are entered on the PTUK Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists.

Our main activities are:


  • to ensure that the public interest is protected in the advancement of the safe and effective use of therapeutic play, play therapy, creative arts therapies, child counselling, filial coaching, child psychotherapy and related therapies throughout the UK, in general, and in particular where children’s and infants’ development is impaired by social, emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties;
  • to monitor and advise upon the standards and activities of Play Therapy UK to ensure that professional practitioners’ interests are balanced by the public interest;
  • to hear any complaints against PTUK and to address any unresolved complaints made by members of the public subject to the PTUK complaints process;
  • to regularly audit the PTUK Register, by the UK Professional Standards Authority to ensure that the data is accurate, transparent, current, unbiased and provides the public with the information needed to choose a safe and effective practitioner to work therapeutically with children or infants;
  • to review the public interest element of the competencies required for the titles: ‘Practitioners in Therapeutic Play’, ‘Play Therapist’, ‘Counsellor of Children Using Play and Creative Arts Therapies’, ‘Filial Play Coach’, ‘Clinical Supervisor of Play and Creative Arts Therapies’ and any others proposed by PTUK. The competencies include those required for the functions of marketing, finance and practice management as well as those of a therapeutic nature.
  • to make recommendations to PTUK about all of the above issues and any new, or amended existing standards that PTUK proposes, including its ethical system;
  • to report to the PSA any unreasonable refusal by PTUK to implement the Council’s recommendations


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