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Summary for Employers

Play Therapy is a profession that has developed and emerged in the UK over the last 12 years. Play Therapy UK (PTUK) has carried out extensive research, based on over 10,000 cases, that shows the clinical and cost effectiveness of the intervention for children who have social, emotional, behaviour or mental health problems, when delivered to PTUK’s standards. (We define children as those aged 4 to 12).

Play Therapy UK has led the world in establishing standards of competencies for practice, training, job descriptions and remuneration scales. Our demand model may be used for resource planning.

Helping you to choose Play Therapy staff who meet the highest standards

When our Play Therapy UK registrants revalidate every year, they are required to provide data about their play therapy clinical work, supervision reviews and continuing professional development. We do not rely on sampling , but check every registrant to assess the level of attainment of our standards of which there are two: minimum and full. A minimum level of attainment, which meets our register entry requirements, is needed to demonstrate that they are safe and effective practitioners. Many achieve the higher level of full attainment showing their dedication to improving their quality and efficiency of practice.

This data is available to bona fide employers and commissioners, provided that the registrant gives their permission, to inform staff selection and remuneration decisions. Apply to the Registrar Jeff Thomas at or phone Play Therapy UK: 01825 761143

Until early 2013 we operated as a self-regulating organisation with a register. The Professional Standard Authority’s ‘Right Touch’ regulation policy then enabled us to manage an on-line register accredited by them. under their Accredited Register (AR) programme. The Authority is responsible for overseeing the regulation and registration of professionals working in health and social care. The accreditation has a statutory basis see Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Play Therapy UK was at the forefront of developing the AR programme. Along with four other professional organisations, we assisted the PSA in a number of workshops and in a pilot project to refine the standards and processes required to manage Accredited Registers. PTUK submitted its formal application on December 12th 2012 to manage an AR – ‘The Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapies’. Following extensive scrutiny, our application was approved on March 26th 2013.

This is a very important development for both public and employer protection as the Accredited Registers give them access to professionals who are committed to providing assured quality of care. It also means that action may be taken against any registrant who does not meet PTUK standards, including removal from the Register. This is a valuable way for employers and commissioners to choose professionals who are competent and perform safely and effectively.

The PSA is working with a number of government agencies to ensure that Accredited Registers are recognised in commissioning frameworks. In addition, the PSA will be promoting quality assured registers to employers as a trusted source of employees.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Accredited Registers Programme