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Any user of our Registrants’ services or another professional may raise a complaint about their conduct or quality of service. As a first stage PTUK and the Registrant’s Clinical Supervisor carry out a process of mediation. If this does not resolve the situation the complaint is passed to the Chief Executive of PTUK for assessment, and if necessary a panel hearing.

If the complaint is upheld, the Registrant may be suspended from the Register and issued with one or more sanctions,which have to be complied with before suspension is withdrawn. In the case of a very serious complaint being upheld, the Registrant will be struck off the Register.

Any sanctions issued will be published on this web site.

The benefits and disadvantages of making fitness to practise sanctions that are no longer in force available to the public are finely balanced. PTUK believes that the purpose of the fitness to practise process is not to punish a health professional, and that a Registrant with an expired sanction has been judged to be fit to practise.