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Training Requirements

All PTUK Registrants have to successfully complete a rigorous training programme as shown below. The training courses are at either Post Graduate level – validated for academic work by a university or at Post Qualifying level – approved for academic quality by a university. In addition all the courses have to be accredited by PTUK. This ensures a consistent and coherent programme across all training providers and countries. PTUK Registrants are trained to the same standards throughout the world.

PTUK has developed over the past nine years a very detailed and comprehensive set of competencies – what a Registrant has to do, to be a safe and effective therapist. The learning objectives of the training courses – what a Registrant needs to know, are derived from these competencies. The effectiveness of the PTUK model based on these competencies is shown through our continuous research programme.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the training has to include carefully supervised practice with children and experiential work. This enables the trainees to understand what the children feel during therapy and to identify any personal issues that impede safe practice.

Certified Play Therapist – Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy plus 100 hours clinically supervised practice. In order to be admitted to the PG Diploma course Registrants must have completed the PG Certificate course with at least 50 hours of practice.

Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills – Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills plus 100 hours clinically supervised practice. In order to be admitted to this course applicants have to have a relevant first degree or a professional qualification, normally at level 4, and at least two years’ experience of working with children.

Filial Play Coach – Post Qualifying Certificate in Filial Play Coaching with at least 40 hours of clinically supervised coaching.

Certified Play and Creative Arts Counsellor of Children and Young People – Registrants are specially trained to use play and creative arts therapies skills alongside side talking therapies. Many children cannot or do not want to talk about their emotional, behaviour or mental health issues. However, as they grow older and into young people talking does become more appropriate. Our registrants with this title are qualified to integrate both sets of skills according to need. They are subject to the same stringent quality assurance procedures, ethical framework, complaints procedures and annual revalidation audit as all of our other titles.

Certified Supervisor of Play and Creative Arts Therapists – Post Qualifying Certificate in the Clinical Supervision of Play and Creative Arts Therapists with at least 40 hours of supervised clinical supervision.

Registrants may also complete an M.A. in Practice Based Play Therapy by means of an original research dissertation, to improve their knowledge and advance the profession.

You can see more details of the current training courses on the PTUK web site.

In addition all Registrants have to keep their knowledge up to date with carefully managed training known as Continuous Professional Development (CPD). A main principle of PTUK is to encourage and support Life Long learning. Full details of CPD requirements.